About RyanRyan is weird.

Not in the creepy, outcast of society type way.  More in the enjoys activities typically enjoyed by people twice his age type way.  Despite being in his mid-twenties, Ryan loves whiskey and all of the associated experiences, though not the “let’s get wasted!!!” mentality of his peers.  He has sampled well over two hundred whiskeys and has only found a handful that he didn’t enjoy.

Aside from whiskey, Ryan loves spending time with his wife, Sarah, who is also a whiskey lover – a match made in heaven!  They are both die-hard Philadelphia Flyers fans, and will challenge anyone to a fight on the spot if they speak badly of their beloved team.

Although Ryan has ties to the spirits industry, his 8-5 job in marketing couldn’t be further from booze – maybe that’s why he needs it!  He certainly is no whiskey expert, so no need to call him out on any and all mistakes.

If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot him an e-mail at ryan@whiskey-reviews.com



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    • Jason Simon on August 13, 2014 at 10:10 am
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    Greetings from the Carolinas! I’m very much enjoying your blog and appreciate and identify with your passion for the industry. The craft distilling movement is promising and I’m happy to see it’s allure captivating those devoted to the art and non-enthusiast swillers alike.

    I tended bar through college and continued part time after getting married and entering into the fascinatingly boring world of banking. Anyway, I was fortunate to work in an environment where spirit knowledge was paramount. We focused on classic preparation and presentation. I was hooked immediately and have maintained an interest ever since. That was before the foodie culture proliferated the industry. We went the extra mile but we weren’t anything like today’s bearded trendy hipster bartenders in skinny jeans whipping up concoctions with ingredients like apricot root essence and egg white foam, ha, ha.

    I recently read Colin Spoelman and David Haskell’s informative and often humorous Guide To Urban Moonshining. It made for a quick, enjoyable beach chair read. I’ve since fwd it on to several friends who I’m sure read it sitting on a different kind of chair. As you probably know, Colin and David opened Kings County Distillery in NYC. It’s all but impossible to read their story and not be motivated to satisfy your curiosity with a bottle purchase. I reached out via FB with some questions before buying and to my surprise, Colin replied. They’re very personable and I wish them all the best.

    Speaking of new distillers, if you have an opportunity, please make an effort to try Blue Ridge Distilling’s Defiant Whiskey. It’s an American single malt with a very unique character. I’ve grown to love it but that could be more southern pride and a heavy hand than anything.

    Thanks again, I look forward to reading your reviews.

    Best wishes to you and tour new bride,

    Jason Simon

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