Why Do We Blog?

Whiskey BottleAs I spend more and more time and energy on whiskey-reviews.com, I have to step back and ask myself the simple question – why do I do it?

People blog for a limitless number of reasons; boredom, necessity to express themselves, maintaining one’s ego, sharing thoughtful content, keeping up with friends and family, etc.  I’ve come to realize that, while I blog for parts of all of these reasons, I’m not quite doing it for the reason that I started – my own enjoyment.  In order to satisfy the SEO gods (Google), I do my best to provide consistent, rich content.  Sometimes that means writing when I really don’t feel like writing.  When that happens, I’m both cheating myself as well as you, the reader.  I would hope that you come here to read well thought-out and researched blog posts, but I fear that I haven’t always been providing them.

That being said, I’m going to indefinitely slow down on the Wednesday “Whiskey Trivia” blog posts.  Those posts will only be published when I truly feel the need to say something, not when I feel that I have to.  I will still be posting reviews every Saturday – no problem with those!

I always want to provide useful information for my readers, but my priority with this blog is myself.  I hope you all can understand that.





  1. You know my thoughts on the matter 😉
    Keep it fun!

  2. Do it for the bro-mance!

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