Old Scout Bourbon – Review

Old Scout BourbonOld Scout Straight Bourbon Whiskey

99 Proof

Price Point: $30 – $40 for 750 ML

Distiller: Smooth Ambler Spirits Co.



Old Scout is a relatively new bourbon, coming out of the Smooth Ambler Spirits Co. in West Virginia.  In addition to the bourbon being reviewed, this distillery has a unique array of products – a straight rye whiskey, a small batch bourbon, two gins (one small batch, one “aged”), and a vodka.



The nose on Old Scout is slightly harsh.  It’s very sweet with strong caramel notes, and a little bit of spice.  As you let your whiskey sit for a little while, the nose calms down and smooths out.

In the mouth, this whiskey has some rye to it with a nice bit of corn sweetness.  Old Scout drinks a little hot at 99 proof.  This really isn’t my ideal bourbon taste, but nice nonetheless.

There’s a decent length on the finish due to the proof with a nice, lingering flavor.


Rating & Recommendations

Old Scout is a decent whiskey, earning a rating of 80 out of 100.

I like this stuff but it’s just not my style of bourbon.  It’s saving grace is a high proof which allows more flavor to shine.  Given the choice, I’d probably spend the money to try Smooth Ambler’s aged gin…



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