Blackadder 1966 Tullibardine Distillery Scotch – Review

Blackadder 1966 Tullibardine Distillery ScotchBlackadder 1966 Tullibardine Distillery Raw Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky

109.6 Proof

Price Point: Unknown for 750 ML

Distiller: Tullibardine Distillery



We’ve reached the end of the Blackadder series.  Well, not the entire Blackadder series; just the ones I have had the good fortune of reviewing.

We’ve checked out expressions from Longmorn, Springbank, Highland Park, Edradour, Blairfindy, and Ben Nevis.  We’ve tasted proofs ranging from 90 to 112.2 and ages from 13 years old to 34 years old.

But, this must come to an end, so it might as well end with a good one.  Today I am reviewing the Blackadder Tullibardine 1966 Raw Cask whisky.  This single malt Scotch came from a single sherry oak cask from the aforementioned Highland distillery.  So far I have enjoyed the sherried whiskies from this collection.  Let’s hope that we end this on a high note.



The nose of Blackadder Tullibardine starts with black cherries, leather and mature, charred oak.  It then transitions to a Sharpie marker smell (I noticed this in the Blackadder Edradour, as well).  It’s creamy with heavy sherry influence and a touch of malt.

This whisky is a flavor blast right from the start.  It has an oily mouthfeel, and a splash of water really opens this one up.  Blackadder Tullibardine has notes of mixed berries followed by leathery, mature oak and charcoal.  This one is smoky but not from peat.  It has maple syrup in the taste, and certainly tastes heavily sherried (which it is!).  Blackadder Tullibardine is very smooth for a raw cask whisky – outstanding!

This whisky has a tasty finish with good length, as it should be with a cask strength whisky.  Lots of smoky oak finish out a really nice Scotch.


Rating & Recommendations

Blackadder Tullibardine is an excellent whisky, and my favorite of the Blackadder series, earning a rating of 92 out of 100.

There’s a good reason why they say “save the best for last”.  This is a fabulous whisky, and certainly one that ranks high on my all-time list.



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