Talisker Storm Scotch – Review

Talisker Storm ScotchTalisker Storm Single Malt Scotch Whisky

91.6 Proof

Price Point: $60 – $70 for 750 ML

Distiller: Talisker Distillery



Talisker is one of those Scotch brands that flies below the radar.  It isn’t big and bold like Ardbeg, and it certainly doesn’t have the high-profile advertising of Laphroaig.  It’s a maritime distillery that has, in my opinion, the best entry-level 10 Year Old on the market.  Not to mention its Distillers Edition which is excellent.

Since Talisker Storm was released, it has received a lot of buzz.  It’s been out for quite a while now, and I’ve finally gotten my hands on it.  Let’s see if it lives up to the hype of its brothers.



The nose is full of smooth, creamy vanilla at first blush.  Talisker Storm has peat, but it’s even more subdued than the standard 10 Year Old.  There’s also salty sea air with just a touch of sweetness, and it’s a little bit medicinal.

On the first sip, it’s peppery with mature oak.  This whisky tastes like a doused campfire – it’s earthy and far more intense (unwieldy) than the traditional Talisker.  Storm just seems off considering its shared heritage.

Not a bad finish on this whisky; some subtle fruit notes overpowered by ocean air-exposed peat.


Rating & Recommendations

Talisker Storm is a decent single malt, earning a rating of 82 out of 100.

I struggle to rate Talisker Storm highly, at it doesn’t represent what the Talisker brand means to me.  This is a whisky that’s trying to be refined and polite, but is rather out of control and unbalanced.  Buy the 10 Year Old in lieu of this one.



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