Little Barrel Bourbon – Review

Little Barrel BourbonLittle Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

84 Proof

Price Point: $35 – $45 for 375 ML

Distiller: Black Button Distilling



Maturing whiskey in smaller than usual barrels has become a bit of a trend in the industry.  We’ve seen this in Scotch whisky, specifically Laphroaig Quarter Cask and Ardmore Traditional Cask.  Now a relatively new craft distiller called Black Button Distilling in the United States has released their Little Barrel Bourbon.  The idea is that characteristics from the charred oak are absorbed quicker by the liquid because the whiskey has more contact with the surface area of the smaller cask.  While it can help the whiskey taste more mature, it’s certainly not a time machine.  In other words, this method doesn’t automatically create whiskey matured-to-perfection.



This whiskey is spicy and nutty on the nose.  Little Barrel Bourbon is very, very young with orange peel and rye.  There’s also cinnamon and nutmeg; almost like nosing a candle.

On the palate, Little Barrel Bourbon is like white dog kissed by oak.  It is mellowed slightly in the “little barrel”, but still very harsh.  There’s corn sweetness followed by zesty rye, with a light mouthfeel.  Not a bad taste, but not quite my thing.

The finish is long with lingering new spirit flavors and exotic spices.


Rating & Recommendations

Little Barrel Bourbon earns a rating of 78 out of 100.

There’s hope for this bourbon down the road, but this is just too young for my palate.  A few more years in the little barrel could produce an interesting whiskey.



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