Eagle Rare 17 Year Old Bourbon – Review

Eagle Rare 17 Year Old BourbonEagle Rare 17 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

90 Proof

Price Point: $55 – $65 for 750 ML

Distiller: Buffalo Trace Distillery



Last week, I posted my review of George T. Stagg; my first review of a whiskey from Sazerac’s Antique Collection.  Two weeks ago, I reviewed Eagle Rare 10 Year Old.  This week, I’ll be combining the two!  Eagle Rare 17 Year Old has the same great formula as its younger brother, but aged seven years longer.  Surprisingly, this changes a lot of the flavor, mostly for the better.



The nose of Eagle Rare 17 Year Old is similar to the 10 Year Old, only more intense.  The sweet aromas make their way to your nose quickly, and in a big way.

The taste is wonderfully oaky, with that same vanilla taste as its counterpart.  I pick up more caramel in this expression.

Afterwards, the oak flavor is still there, and makes for a spectacular aftertaste.


Rating & Recommendations

Eagle Rare 17 Year Old is a great example of a whiskey being aged to perfection.  No longer does Scotch singularly hold the right to age their whiskies longer than ten or twelve years.  I rate this whiskey a 90 out of 100.

Even more so than the 10 Year Old, Eagle Rare 17 Year Old should not be polluted by a mixer.  Do yourself a favor, and drink this stuff neat, regardless of your urge to add ice.

Clearly I’m a big fan of the Antique Collection, and this whiskey certainly doesn’t disappoint.



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