My Whiskey Decision Has Been Made

Hedonism Spice Tree DetailAbout a week and a half ago, I wrote a post asking you to Choose My Next Whiskey.  I had $150 in AMEX gift cards to use, and wanted to get your opinion on how I should use them.  You guys had some great suggestions:

Ultimately, I chose to go with Hedonism, as I had already experienced other Compass Box expressions (Peat Monster and Oak Cross).  I had a little bit of money left over, so I picked up another member of the family – Spice Tree.

Overall, I’m very happy with my decision, and would like to thank everyone who commented with suggestions.  Look for my reviews soon!




  1. A great decision. Hedonism and Spice Tree are both unconventional but extremely tasty drams that will take you new places and pamper you there. Hedonism is the smooth luscious flavors of very mature grain whisky and Spice Tree is the yummy rich highland malt experience jazzed with spicy french sessil oak heat. Very cool. Dare I say “hip”? Enjoy and look forward to your reviews!

    1. Thanks Josh! Tried them both so far and I’m still happy with my decision. Hedonism was a whole new experience, whereas Spice Tree really struck home as something similar to a Glenfarclas with a little extra pizzazz.


  2. Hello Ryan! Great blog and thanks for the twitterfollow! (@freddeboos)

    Definitely think (the next time) you should try to get hold on some PC9 (or PC8) and/or a Kilchoman… If you like it smoky, I promise you won’t regret it! 😉


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