Amrut Indian Whisky – Review

Amrut Indian WhiskyAmrut Single Malt Whisky

92 Proof

Price Point: $50 – $60 for 750 ML

Distiller: Amrut Distilleries Limited



I always enjoy trying whiskies from different regions around the world, from the French Bastille to the Japanese Yamazaki.  When I had the chance to buy a bottle of Amrut, I jumped on the opportunity.  When you open a bottle of bourbon or Irish whiskey, you more or less know what you’re getting yourself into.  When you crack open a bottle of Indian whisky for the first time, who knows what’s in store for you?



The nose on Amrut is very fruity and florally, similar to fellow Asian whisky Yamazaki 12 Year Old.  There’s also some pears and a hint of malt.  A little bread-like, reminiscent of Bruichladdich Rocks and Sheep Dip.  This is a very nicely balanced whisky on the nose.

The taste on Amrut starts out with a burst of cinnamon.  This is very malty in the mouth, and the fruit notes become way toned down.  This is a very mature tasting whisky and full-bodied for a 46%, which is a major plus for me.

There’s a surprising leather-influenced finish on Amrut.  A nice little bit of bite rounds out a very good whisky from India.


Rating & Recommendations

This is a really good, well-rounded whisky, receiving a rating of 86 out of 100.

Amrut is a surprisingly tasty and complex whisky out of a region not known for their aqua vitae.  I would recommend purchasing this if you have the opportunity.



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