Ardbog Scotch – Review

Ardbog ScotchArdbog Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

104.2 Proof

Price Point: $115 – $125 for 750 ML (70 cl shown)

Distiller: Ardbeg Distillery Limited



Ardbog is a special release from the Ardbeg Distillery, commemorating the distillery’s founding.  This particular whisky was 2013’s “Ardbeg Day release”, which celebrated Ardbeg’s 198th birthday (the distillery was established in 1815).

The back of the bottle describes this whisky in the following way:

In Ardbog we celebrate our peaty roots in the marhsy wetlands of Islay; Ardbeg’s smoky sweetness has been intriguingly interwoven with salty, savoury whiskies which have slumbered undisturbed in rare ex-Manzanilla sherry casks, all for at least ten long years.



The nose on Ardbog is spicy and peppery with all the fire and intensity you come to expect from the Ardbeg Distillery.  There is campfire smoke and peaty, malted barley.  Sharpie marker creeps in, followed by honey sweetness, damp wood, and subtle pine.

On the palate, Arbdog is big and bold.  It drinks hot but offers outrageous flavor.  There’s smoky peat and malt; there’s sea salt balanced by mild sweetness (green apple?).  There’s BBQ smoke and deep, mature oak.  Ardbog has sherried fruitiness in a big way.  Bigger than Uigeadail – fantastic!

This whisky finishes with mature oak and nice malted barley, followed by a tingling sweetness and salty sea air.


Rating & Recommendations

Ardbog is another NAS whisky from the Ardbeg Distillery that really hits the spot, earning a rating of 93 out of 100.

I wouldn’t call it a great value, and it’s certainly hard to find in the States, but this sure is a tasty whisky that I wouldn’t want to miss out on.



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