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Auchentoshan Classic Scotch – Review

Auchentoshan Classic Scotch

Auchentoshan Classic Single Malt Scotch Whisky 80 Proof Price Point: $30 – $40 for 750 ML Distiller: Auchentoshan Distillery   Background Auchentoshan (pronounced Aw-khen-tosh-an, according to Wikipedia) Classic is the entry-level expression from a Lowland distillery known for its unique triple-distillation process.  This technique is commonplace in Ireland, but very rare in Scotland.  My first …

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Jameson Irish Whiskey – Review

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey 80 Proof Price Point: $20 – $30 for 750 ML Distiller: The Bow St. Distillery   Background Step into virtually any bar in the world, and you’ll likely see a bottle of Jameson on the shelf (and likely more in the back). This is by far the most popular Irish …

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