Barton Irish Whiskey – Review

Barton Irish WhiskeyBarton Imported Irish Whiskey

80 Proof

Price Point: $15 – $25 for 1 L

Distiller: Unknown



Cheaper whiskeys such as Virginia Gentleman and Ten High serve their place at the bar as something to mix, but hardly ever to drink by themselves.  When you don’t specify the type of whiskey you want, these are likely what you will get.  If you order an Irish car bomb, and don’t specify something like Jameson, you will likely get Barton Irish or something similar.  There’s not necessarily anything wrong with these whiskeys – they serve their place just as the top-shelf whiskeys serve their respective places.  But this blog reviews whiskeys by themselves, so below is my interpretation of Barton Irish Whiskey.



Pretty boring, typical Irish nose with this one.  Not a lot of dimension, and fairly alcohol heavy.  I suppose that is the allure to certain Irish whiskeys, but it doesn’t work with Barton.

The taste is light and refreshing, but still nothing too special.  There’s a hint of a floral flavor behind the same old Irish taste.

The finish is brief and unsatisfying – yawn!


Rating & Recommendations

Barton Irish Whiskey is pretty cheap and boring, earning a rating of 71 out of 100.

Some whiskeys serve their purpose as a well drink for bars and restaurants, and this one is exactly that.  Unless you’re dropping it into an Irish car bomb, don’t bother wasting your money.



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    • EricH on March 10, 2013 at 5:18 pm
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    It’s more than likely made at Cooley Distillery (which was purchased by Beam recently). Midleton (which makes Jameson) and Bushmills don’t really do contract distilling.

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