J. Potts Whiskey – Review

J. Potts WhiskeyJ. Potts Whiskey

94 Proof

Price Point: $25 – $35 for 750 ML

Distiller: Manatawny Still Works



A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of touring Manatawny Still Works in Pottstown, Pennsylvania (you can read about it here).  As stated in my write-up, I bought a bottle of their J. Potts Whiskey, a 94 proof white dog whiskey with a mash of wheat, oats, malted barley, and rye.  I promised them a review, but I assured them that I would be honest in my process, as I always am.  I hope I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings!



The nose on J. Potts starts out with cereal, and a very sweet aroma.  It’s clean and a little intense at 47%, obviously not having been mellowed by oak.  J. Potts is untamed but not unpleasant; lots of earthy, grainy notes – I get a vitamin smell.  Its malty aromas lend themselves more to a Scotch than an American whiskey.  Toward the end, some unique floral notes creep in.

The taste on this unaged whiskey is undoubtedly white dog (moonshine), but still very sippable.  The alternative mashbill devoid of corn brings an interesting mix of flavors to J. Potts.  It has a surprisingly fruity flavor, although I can’t put my finger on what fruit specifically.  The texture is chewy and oily (a good thing!).

The finish is enduring and sweet; the youthful untamed spirit will stick around with you for a bit.  While it’s not unbearable, this is the part of the J. Potts experience that can most use a degree of barrel maturation.


Rating & Recommendations

J. Potts Whiskey is one of the more drinkable unaged whiskeys, earning a rating of 81 out of 100.

It’s not often that I admit to enjoying white dog, but this one isn’t half bad.  I’m really looking forward to the future of this product after it has spent some time in the barrel.



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