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Bomberger’s Whiskey – Review

Thistle Finch White Rye Whiskey Detail

Bomberger’s Distillery American Straight Whiskey 86 Proof Price Point: $45 – $55 for 750 ML Distiller: Bomberger’s Distillery   Background The story of Bomberger’s is an interesting one.  I first heard of this whiskey on Twitter, and realized it was being bottled (not distilled) at Thistle Finch Distillery in Lancaster, Pennsylvania – not far from where I live. …

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J. Potts Whiskey – Review

J. Potts Whiskey 94 Proof Price Point: $25 – $35 for 750 ML Distiller: Manatawny Still Works   Background A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of touring Manatawny Still Works in Pottstown, Pennsylvania (you can read about it here).  As stated in my write-up, I bought a bottle of their J. Potts Whiskey, a …

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Distillery Tour: Manatawny Still Works

Manatawny Still Works

Yesterday was one of those unique Saturdays when my wife and I did not have a thing planned for the day.  We thought about driving into Philadelphia and going to a museum, but the thought of fighting city traffic was enough to deter me from that idea. My wife brought up the idea to visit …

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Blackadder 1966 Ben Nevis Distillery Scotch – Review

Blackadder 1966 Ben Nevis Distillery Raw Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky 99.4 Proof Price Point: Unknown for 750 ML Distiller: Ben Nevis Distillery   Background Last time, I reviewed Blackadder Ben Nevis Distillery 32 Year Old.  The 90 proofer ranks pretty high on my all-time list (90 out of 100), and is certainly deserving of …

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Blackadder 1976 Edradour Distillery Scotch – Review

Blackadder 1976 Edradour Distillery 24 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 98.8 Proof Price Point: Unknown for 750 ML Distiller: Edradour Distillery   Background Thus far in my Blackadder reviews series, I have examined whiskies from Longmorn, Springbank, and Highland Park Distilleries.  Today, we are venturing over to Edradour Distillery to see what their 24 …

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The Power of Social Media

Twitter Social Media

I find social media fascinating.  Now more than ever, conversations can be started in the simplest of ways and relationships can be strengthened with a few clicks of a mouse.  Networks like Facebook and Twitter make it easier than ever for the majority of people in the world to be accessible. However, I’m also a …

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My First Visit to a Distillery

A. Smith Bowman Copper Still

I didn’t really know what to expect driving into Fredericksburg, VA.  I guess I half-expected a backwoods, rural area with a general store and dirt roads.  Contrary to my ignorance, Fredericksburg is a very modern town, with just about any type of restaurant or store you could possibly want to visit. I walked into the …

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