Glenlivet Nàdurra 16 Year Old Scotch – Review

Glenlivet Nadurra 16 Year Old ScotchThe Glenlivet Nàdurra 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

108.4 Proof

Price Point: $55 – $65 for 750 ML

Distiller: The Glenlivet Distillery



Glenlivet whiskies are known for their consistent quality throughout the years.  So when I discovered that a cask strength expression was available, I got pretty excited.  The Nàdurra (meaning “natural” in Gaelic) is the expression mentioned as well as the one being reviewed here.



The nose is a bit harsher than other expressions of Glenlivet.  As my friend Ryan over at Value Whisky Reviews (now defunct) would say, there is a distinct aroma of pineapple in this whisky, which is shared across the distillery’s range.

The taste is really nice.  As mentioned previously, a big pineapple flavor comes through.  There’s still some malt but much less than the standard 12 Year Old.  There’s also some oak but again, much less than the 15 Year Old.

This is a nice warming whisky with a big finish.


Rating & Recommendations

The Glenlivet Nàdurra is a really nice, larger than life whisky, earning itself an 89 out of 100.

Despite the high proof, I would recommend sticking it out and challenging yourself to try this stuff neat.  It’s just too good to water down.

The Glenlivet Nàdurra came highly recommended to me, and I highly recommend it to you.  If you can swing the high price tag, go out and buy yourself a bottle.



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