Corsair Wry Moon Unaged Whiskey – Review

Corsair Wry MoonCorsair Wry Moon Unaged Kentucky Whiskey

92 Proof

Price Point: $30 – $40 for 750 ML

Distiller: Corsair Artisan LLC



If you caught my post last Saturday, you would know that I recently embarked on a new “experiment” – one in which I am taking new spirit and aging it in a one liter barrel for a to-be-determined period of time.  The first step in this experiment was finding the right white dog.

At first I considered going the “cheap” route (I use the term loosely) and using XXX Shine Corn Whiskey, as it was the best of the choices I had to begin with.  However, when I ventured to another liquor store with a bit more selection, I happened upon the 92 proof Corsair Wry Moon.  This unaged Kentucky new spirit was pot distilled from malted rye by the Corsair Artisan Distillery.  These guys are doing interesting things with spirits, and my experience with their Triple Smoke has me all confused about American whiskey.

In order to gain a better understanding of the whiskey as it matures in my barrel, I would like to first explore the new spirit that started it all.



The nose is crisp and clean.  It has the unmistakable aroma of new spirit, with a heavy rye influence (duh!).  To me, Wry Moon is much more pleasant than Buffalo Trace White Dog or Dad’s Hat White Rye.

This unaged whiskey is surprisingly tasty and balanced.  It’s peppery at 46% ABV, and much more manageable than Buffalo Trace Mash #1.  It’s a little malty, with syrupy sweetness rounded out by cinnamon.  Wry Moon has a bit of a cereal taste on the back-end, almost like a multivitamin pill.

This white dog has a long lasting, gasoline-like finish.  Wry Moon has almost a chlorine aftertaste (not sure if that is a positive or a negative).


Rating & Recommendations

Once again, the guys at Corsair have changed my mind about certain types of spirits, and Wry Moon has made me think twice about white dog.  This stuff gets a rating of 79 out of 100 from me.

I have to admit that this is surprisingly drinkable for a white dog.  I’m looking forward to tasting this as it matures in my barrel.




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    • Newkophile on June 1, 2014 at 8:01 pm
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    If it’s unaged, how can it be called whiskey? Doesn’t American whiskey, be it rye or bourbon have to be aged in oak barrels a minimum of two years in order to be classified as whiskey?

    1. Unaged whiskey is still considered whiskey by law. In order to be considered a “straight” whiskey in the United States, it must be aged for a minimum of two years. Perhaps that is what you were thinking of.



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