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Mini Barrel Aging Experiment (Day 98)

Mini Barrel Aging Experiment 10

After taking a brief hiatus from my experiment in order to allow my whiskey to mature without interruption, I am back at it, and trying another sample.  Today is Day 98, and the spirit in my barrel hasn’t been touched since April 12th.  Let’s get into it. This whiskey is certainly developing in its color …

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Mini Barrel Aging Experiment (Day 42)

Mini Barrel Aging Experiment 09

Day 42 of the mini barrel aging experiment has arrived. What started as moonshine on March 1st has been resting in a barrel for almost a month and a half, and the progress has been interesting. The whiskey is slowly but surely changing in color and transparency. The nose is very similar to two weeks …

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Mini Barrel Aging Experiment (Day 28)

Mini Barrel Aging Experiment 08

Nearly a month has passed since I started the mini barrel aging experiment, and the whiskey has certainly changed. Since two weeks ago, the color has altered slightly. It is now a little bit darker and denser, although it’s tough to tell in the photograph. For the most part, it’s translucent, but it does have …

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Mini Barrel Aging Experiment (Day 14)

Mini Barrel Aging Experiment 07

Two weeks ago, I wrote Part One of this experiment.  In that post, I outlined my thoughts behind maturing whiskey in a miniature barrel, including picking a worthy new spirit (in this case, I chose Corsair Wry Moon). Two weeks later, we’re ready to sample what’s been maturing in the barrel. After pouring roughly one …

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Mini Barrel Aging Experiment (Day 1)

Mini Barrel Aging Experiment 05

First of all, I am not a scientist.  This “experiment” is not really an experiment – I’m just a whiskey enthusiast with a mini barrel and some white dog. Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way, let’s get started. My wife bought me a mini barrel from Thousand Oaks Barrels for Christmas …

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Open-Bottle Shelf-Life Experiment – Lagavulin 16

Lavavulin 16 Year Old Scotch Detail

My good friend Ryan at the now out of commission Value Whisky Reviews started an idea that examines a concept that whiskey drinkers have wondered about for a long time.  He wanted to determine how much the air in your bottle of opened whiskey changes the contents over time.  He called these his “Open-Bottle Shelf-Life …

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